The Alma Mater



My alma mater. 

And an unintentional photo shoot of the UW Foster School of Business's newest grad student. My husband. He's getting used to standing still and looking at the camera... without hiding his face.

Topped off with Anthem Cider from Big Time Brewery.  And pomme frites. 


Taste: SAM



One delicious lunch of potatoes on potatoes.One monsoon. One failed attempt to play in downtown Seattle for the afternoon.One Saturday afternoon spent cleaning and listening to Miles Davis.

Odd Fellows



Baked eggs. Americanos. Friends. Life-long.Odd Fellows, Capitol Hill.  

Completely unrelated...



Except that both are so fresh and so clean. 

Love this new make-up [brush] remover/cleaner that came to me in my Birch Box.  Birch Box is like receiving a present every month, a present I pay for... but still. 

Try it (the cleaner or Birch Box).  I know you'll love it too.

Oh and new white tennis shoes are just so satisfying, I can't bring myself to wear them outside yet. 

Summer Uniform (ed. 1)



Insights from our little kitchen



Nothing is quite so eye opening as cutting gluten out of your diet.  The startling truth is it's in nearly everything.  Or at least that's how things appear at first. 

Nearly all processed boxed foods, canned soups, sauces, dressings - even shredded cheese - contain gluten. 

Know what you're eating.

I started seeking out the treats still available for me to eat.  Here is a short list that I have compiled and endorse.  Even if you're not in the "gluten-free" category, these are still tasty snacks, and not at all a compromise. 

1. Crispy Crunchy Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies via Trader Joes 
2. Chobani Champion Greek Yogurt (not just for kids) 
3.  Snickers (thank goodness) 
4. Popcorn (like real legit on the stove popcorn) + basil
5. Quinoa with black beans, avocado and peppers with cumin-lime dressing
6. English toffee 
7. Rice cakes + peanut butter + marmalade 
8. Buckwheat pancakes + toppings bar via Portage Bay
9. French Macaroons via Belle Epicurean 
10. Peanut butter cookies (below)

Life is still sweet. 

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies
adapted from Joy the Baker

1 cup peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
1 cup sugar (1/2 granulated sugar, 1/2 brown sugar) 
1 egg
1 tsp. baking soda 

(that's it!) 

Preheat: 350

1. In a medium bowl cream together peanut butter and sugars

2. Add in egg and baking soda, mix for two minutes 
3. Form dough into walnut sized balls (may roll in sugar if desired) and place on greased baking sheet (the cookies like to get a little cozy, if you know what I mean, so be sure to space them adequately apart... unlike me)
4. Using a fork create the criss-cross pattern on top of the cookies
5. Bake for 8-10 minutes (mine were getting a little overcooked at 8.5 minutes - but my oven has it's own issues)

Tuesday's Colors: Coral & Peach


Credits (from left > right)
1. Modern Hepburn
2. Eat Sleep Cuddle
4. Anthropologie
5. Design Sponge
6. A Merry Mishap

The office



My back and bum are starting to protest sitting on my couch all day long slumped over my computer.  It's comfy I'll give you that... but my posture has gone to ruins.  Confessions of a couch potato. 

I'm starting to dream of a beautiful and motivating work space.  Likely not possible in our current living arrangements, but someday.

Happy Father's Day



Father's Day (+4 birthdays) brunch at Anthony's at Point Defiance. A surprisingly beautiful (albeit blustery) day.

We love our breakfast tacos and cinnamon butter (for the coffeecake not the tacos). 



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