Christmas Tea.



Wyatt turns 4.



Did he ask "What's your favorite toy?"?  No, he's asking "What's your favorite droid?".

Oh Wyatt.  Bless your sweet heart.  Thank goodness the market for Star Wars toys is vast and varied.

Sisters: Jenna + Lauren



What gorgeous relatives I have.  These two bright and beautiful people are so special to me, and I was thrilled to spend Thanksgiving afternoon with them, tromping through wet leaves and tall grass.  

See more photos of Jenna HERE

World Relief



I had the privilege of spending an afternoon photographing this remarkable, dear family.  They are incredible people with an incredible story, one that deserves telling.  Sameer, his wife, Hanan, and their children are refugees from Iraq, now living in the Kent area.  World Relief is helping them through this daunting transition, walking alongside them, and giving them the support and encouragement they need to be successful.  

We were welcomed into their new home, Hanan generously offering us date cookies and Jordanian coffee (spiced with cardamom, incredible).  The children eagerly modeled their Halloween costumes, and more reluctantly shared with us their Halloween candy.  We drove to a nearby park where, with the help of a translator, we were able to corral the kids long enough to take some photographs.  As the sun began to set and our good light was retreating, we returned to their apartment.  Here, I sat in awe, as Sameer recounted for us their harrowing flight out of Iraq to the Al-Waleed Refugee Camp, and eventually to the United Staes.

You can read more about their journey HERE.

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Frances & Fern Photography



I am so pleased and beyond excited to introduce to you Frances and Fern Photography.

As close friends and family know, I spent the summer working as an intern for the brilliant and wonderfully talented Chantal Andrea.  I am exceptionally grateful for the experience and the tools I added to my belt.  What's more, I will continue to work and shoot collaboratively with Chantal Andrea Photography as an associate photographer.

I invite you to take a look around my new site (you'll find a link conveniently placed in the bar above).  In the coming months I hope to be able to share many new projects with you. 

Goboot has been instrumental in this process and I will continue to use this space to share the joys and daily musings of life.  However, Goboot will also serve as a blog for current Frances & Fern work - where business and pleasure collide, if you will.  

So here we go!  

P.S. Some of you may be wondering where I come up with these obscure and seemingly 
meaningless names... Goboot, Frances & Fern.   They were each been born out of routine moments in my married adventure and hold a measure of whimsy and encouragement for me.  I don't have much more of an explanation that can be quickly divulged here. 

Germs germs go away. Come back never.



My home has become a germ factory and I have embraced my new identity of germ-a-phobe.  A ghastly stomach flu has descended upon my extended family.  A Thanksgiving weekend I'm sure we will all remember.  I'm suddenly very thankful to Jesus for the Purell dispenser located conveniently near my desk.  My sick husband has invaded the living room, of which I give him a safe 6 foot radius of control.  I forgot myself for a minute last night and took a few steps to the couch with the intention of giving him a hug... thankfully I regained my senses before reaching the couch and came to a sudden halt.  Slowly I backed away, sadly retreating to my chair against the back wall. 

My dear friend informed me the other day that she thought her phone was dying... the culprit?  A daily regimen of Clorox wipes.  Who are we kidding, it was probably a three times daily regimen.  I laughed at the time, but now I think she might be on to something neurotically brilliant.    

As we enter cold/flu/germ/sickness/gross season I am reminded to be thankful for my good health and 24/7 access to healthcare should it be required.  I sit daily at work writing about healthcare interventions in the developing world, the construction of latrines, the life-saving qualities of a mosquito net.  I am reminded to be overjoyed at the sore bruise on my arm from my flu shot.  How blessed and fortunate am I?  

Hunting trees.



We've reached the sad end of a much anticipated long weekend.  We're sad it's ending, not sad about the weekend.  Though I was pretty sad friday night when we came home from a Walk the Moon concert to discover left-over mashed potatoes had been left out.  In one word: devastated. 

Saturday we kicked off the Christmas season with a trip to the tree farm.  We hunted trees like nobody's business.  Well, others hunted, Brad and I adopted a small pre-cut noble near the front entrance... but we paid our due diligence in picking out the right tree, considering height, width, and of course character.  



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