Pumpkins and sharp objects



I can't seem to shake the feeling that carving pumpkins is going to end in severed thumbs.  Especially when using kitchen knives.  Even more so when the handle breaks off the kitchen knife mid carving.  

However, we made it through the evening without blood and without a need for stitches. 

I also feel like crying when walking home in the dark  I spot the fake body hanging in the window of our neighbor's house.  

Happy Halloween everyone.  Eat candy.  Drink cider.  And watch Charlie Brown.  Because no one knows how to celebrate a holiday like Charlie Brown.

Hello again.



35 days.  How embarrassing.  That's over a month.  That's how long I've neglected this space.

This absence was not intentional, but rather the result of life transitions and hoarding precious free time.  We've entered the illustrious world of evening MBA classes, the grind of work, and graduate school applications.

Sometimes I get home from work and all I want to eat is Cheetos and a milkshake.  And since my husband won't be home until after 10 pm, I indulge.  That's what I've earned after sitting in traffic for over an hour.  Cheetos, a milkshake, and a presidential debate. 

After which I made chicken pot pie.  Naturally. 

Brad has taken over in the kitchen the past few weeks.  Outshining my culinary efforts with fancy skirt steaks and corn and black bean salads.  I love coming home to dinner.  There's something magical about it.  I think the food is excited to see me too.

We've also taken to exploring the legion of amazing restaurants nestled in this beautiful drizzly city.  As the weekend nears I pull up my Urban Spoon page and search for something new.   

Poutine from Smith.
French onion soup from Elliott Bay Brewery

In other news:

It's now fall in our apartment.  Warty pumpkins make me happy.  They seem the epitome of Halloween. 

Our little friend, and a dozen other gourds, came from the Spooner Farm pumpkin patch.  We didn't stay long... it was rainy, and the Husky's game was on T.V.



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