These girls.



These girls make my heart full. 

They can also make me laugh until I have a side-ache.

Thank you Lindsey, Brittany, Jenny, Mattie, and Emma (and Kimmie!). 

You are absolutely the best.

The one with the birthdays.



June is birthday central in my family.  My dad, my grandma, my brother, me, and in just a few days my newest nephew, Alaster (to mention a few).  Add in Father's Day and you've got one heck of a celebration. 

My parents just returned from a tour of Israel. They brought back gifts, including market fresh zatar (served in olive oil below), nativity ornaments made with real olive wood, yarmulkes for the boys, pashminas, prayer shawls, skincare products with Dead Sea minerals, and of course postcards. 

[Please note Eliott's face in the second photo. I still have no words... taking suggestions for best caption.]



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